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    Are you tired of obtaining the same ceiling view in your bathroom? This article has some good news to suit your needs since you can use bathroom cladding material to change the look of the ceiling. These materials are readily and cheaply for sale in most local bathroom stores and that they are really easy to self-install makes them much more popular.

    All you should do to which has a great ceiling is to be sure to select clad that will blend in with your shower wall panels and you may always enjoy finding out about at the ceiling while having a soak inside bathroom. Once bought, underneath are the steps to adhere to.

    Step 1 – Remove any previous cladding material

    If you possessed installed ceiling containing grown old and faded as a consequence of dirt and other factors, go ahead and take 1st step of removing all of it from corner on the other. As you remove, if you notice that it is tearing this also should not worry you in any respect. All you will likely need to do is be patient, you can use a sand paper to scrap from the odds and ends that refuse to peel from the lime.

    Step 2 – Clean the ceiling surface

    Once you have removed the old clad, take a moment and clean the surface completely. This is because some kind of glue was used during the installation of the last ceiling clad of course, if you apply fresh glue on the previous layers, it won’t stick well. Additionally, any dirt could make it appear rough once you’ve got installed the modern ceiling clad. You can use some mild chemicals available at the local store to take out the glue. As you achieve this, make sure the eyes and hands are very well protected by goggles and gloves respectively.

    Step 3 – Applying glue and also the ceiling clad

    Once the ceiling is clean and dry, all of that remains could be the application of glue along with the ceiling clad. At this step, you will need to have extra pair of hands and an extra ladder. Begin applying Improving Your Bathroom Decor On A Budget from end. Once you’ve got a sizeable portion glued, bring the cladding material into contact with the glued area making it stick. Make sure that you take your time with this step and smoothen the stuck clad to end up with a neat ceiling.

    Continue with the glue application while sticking the ceiling clad before ceiling is fully covered and you’ll be done.